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If Sandberg is doing so great why are the Phillies entertaining others?

Ryne Sandberg is doing very well in his interim status with the Phillies. He’s brought a bit more responsibility back to the players, and I think they have responded very well to his presence as skipper. Could it be possible that Sandberg is only filling a role for a short time with the Phillies? Just this afternoon it was confirmed […]

Birthdays too fast for some Phillies, Lee turned 35 will face Cubs today

Cliff Lee’s stoic look at New York’s Citi Field for the All Star Game 2013 was a classic! Time waits for no man, that is a popular quote that we’ve heard a lot of the years isn’t it? Cliff Lee just celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday, and though that isn’t old by any means it is getting up there for […]

Why did the Chicago Cubs let Sandberg walk?

Here is how the Iowa Cubs were thrilled to have Sandberg hired as the Iowa Cubs manager for the 2010 season The Phillies don’t really play the Chicago Cubs all that much anymore like they used to before the myriad of interleague games crept into the baseball schedule. This Labor Day weekend series in Chicago for the Phillies is 4th […]

Rollins bashing shouldn’t be focus of Ryno’s Wrath

Jimmy Rollins stellar career with the Phillies is secure but Sandberg wants more from Jimmy now One of the first couple things that Ryne Sandberg mentioned about the Phillies soon after taking over the team is about player’s responsibility and obligation to the team. Obviously players that have been with the Phillies for the last few seasons know all about […]