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Sunday Night 4/19/20 Livestream with MLB The Show 20 – Rhys Hoskins

It’s time for more video game baseball with the player’s league, the Phillies player in this league is Rhys Hoskins, he’s at 8-4 coming into tonight’s play. Rhys has some underwhelming opponents tonight, so he could do very well! ** Rhys was about 15 minutes late live streaming tonight, so I showed some of Hunter Pence’s channel until Hoskins went […]

Forget about Rhys Hoskins at first base, MLB Right Now! ranked Carlos Santana in Top 10

Ok Phillies fans, it’s only less than 10 days till Spring Training officially opens it’s doors to the Phillies! That means we’re going to see a team that should be an improvement over the past couple of years with the Phils finish in last place. Rhys Hoskins was one of the big reasons to get back into Phillies baseball last […]