Phillies vs Mets 2013

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Talking about the Phillies and the Mets on Phillies Talk

Check out the latest Phillies Talk Podcast on Stitcher Radio, the show is the independent internet radio show that follows the Phillies baseball team. This edition I am joined by my good friend from New York, Gary Mac, as we talk about the Phillies and the Mets with the final home weekend series that is starting up tonight at CBP […]

Matt Harvey shows NY Media wears him down, on Dan Patrick

The Mets star Matt Harvey was a guest on the Dan Patrick show yesterday. It was a radio interview that seemed to be going along just fine until all of a sudden Harvey seemed to fall to pieces and tell Patrick that he was finished talking about his arm and he was only wanting to pitch a  promotion by Qualcomm. […]

Mets and Phils meet again for a 4 game series

The Mets and the Phillies have very similar results this year so far, just so happens that the Phillies have a lot more salary tied up in their players, where the Mets have really jettisoned most of the players that haven’t produced for them and were paid big money to do so. Just two seasons ago in 2011, the Mets […]