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Here’s the latest Phillies Talk Podcast, Marlins Covid Madness with Rich and Matt

It’s the dreaded Covid-19 virus that has killed over 150,000 in the USA alone as of now, it struck the Miami Marlins with about 17 infections of coach and players… Forcing the Phillies to have postponements because they faced the Marlins team, here’s the latest podcast for Phillies Talk Podcast.

New Phillies Talk Podcast talking with Todd Zolecki on his new Roy Halladay book

It’s the end of May, we’ve been watching the baseball negotiations about the possible start of the 2020 season affected by the Pandemic. Will they or won’t they? Listen to the latest Phillies Talk Podcast from to hear the latest! Here’s a new edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast with myself and Matt Veasey talking with’s Todd Zolecki […]

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast, with Lou Schiff, a SABR award-winning author

It’s the latest edition of the show, Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter, I am joined with Matt Veasey from and special guest Lou Schiff, baseball historian, and SABR Award-winning author. Click this link to go to the Google Podcast page for the show!

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast – Spring is marching toward us!

It’s time for another Phillies Talk Podcast, here’s the show notes: A little bit about a lot of things on the show today. The podcast is now aligned with Matt’s great new home on the web for Phillies commentary and information, – we’re excited to talk about it, and Matt will have a link to the show right on […]

Phillies Talk Podcast: Pitchers and Catchers Report 2020

It’s that time again, a time that is looked forward to by baseball fans who are really excited to hear the pop of a fastball in a catcher’s mitt, or just plain like to see some baseball happening, it’s Feb. 12 and Pitchers and Catchers have reported for the first workout in Clearwater for the Phillies. Here’s the special edition […]

Astros Scandal – HOF vote results due – latest Phillies Talk Podcast

It’s the latest Phillies Talk Podcast: It’s a cozy time inside as the podcast area gets ready for a possible coating of snow in the tri-state area. We get down to some serious Phillies Talk on the show leading off with the Astros sign stealing scandal, Rich Baxter is joined by Matt Veasey, who breaks down the scandal on a […]

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast – 20 Days until Opening Day

Will the new lineup of players and new manager spell a success for this year’s Phillies team? Matt Veasey joins me to talk about the Phillies infield, we’ll take a look around the horn at the infield, Carlos Santana has the first baseman’s job, but does it come at the expense of Rhys Hoskins?  Fans have been very patient with […]

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and special guest Matt Veasey

Check out the latest Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and special guest, Matt Veasey from his website and other place on the internet! We’re talking a review of what the Phillies accomplished in ’17 (not that much, but they did finish strong) and talk about the future of the team. What do they need to make this a […]

New Podcast: Mets Musings- Phillies Series Collide this weekend at Citi Field

I am joined by my good friend Gary Mack, on the program. Had some audio difficulties on the interview with Gary, I apologize in advance for this. We’re talking about the Phillies vs Mets series this weekend in New York.  Prior to this, I am talking about how the Phillies have been playing, it’s been very bad. Is there many […]

Phillies Talk Podcast: Cincinnati Reds Series Preview with Jason Barhorst, Reds blogger

It’s a celebration of sorts, the Phillies won today in extra innings to break a nasty losing streak. What a tough time it’s been for them for the past month or so. On this edition, I speak with Cincinnati Reds blogger, Jason Barhorst of about the Reds who are coming into town for a weekend series for Memorial Day. […]

New Phillies Talk Podcast: Staying Positive in Pittsburgh

It’s the Phillies Talk Podcast for May 18 2017. Things haven’t been going to well for the Phillies, but that’s no reason to frown. We’re right back talking baseball and this weekend it’s the Phillies vs. Pirates for the Battle for Pennsylvania! The show is joined by The Pirates Breakdown Radio, and Steve Kubitz, as he tells us how the […]

Phillies Talk Podcast – Phillies in 2nd Place in April with special guest Matthew Veasey

My first couple rants on the show, with the debacle last night, the Phillies bullpen blowing a 3-run lead, and losing a game they should have won. But, all is not lost on the year as the offense has been doing much better, the pitching has suffered a few big losses in the starting pitching department. I’m joined by Matthew […]

New Phillies Talk Podcast: 7 Days to the Phillies Opening Day chatting with Matt Veasey

Had a great time talking with my special guest, Matt Veasey, who has been writing about the Phillies and baseball for many years! On this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast: With only 7 days to go to the Opening Day of the 2017 baseball, it’s so exciting to be talking about the Phillies team that we’ll be seeing on the […]