Phillies 2021

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Where were the Phillies when Harper got hit?

Ok, the superstar on the team takes an out of control pitch to the face in a tight game, 3-3 in St. Louis. The manager, Joe Girardi, is really ticked off. Then right behind hitting Harper, Didi Gregorius gets drilled. This is a major league pitcher we’re talking about, not some Little Leaguer. Where was the team after this happened? […]

Players sign name to contracts, JT and Didi back for more, will the Phils improve?

It’s very nice to have some of the calibers of players that have inked contracts in the past 10 days or so being that it’s the offseason. One player who was sought after by many teams, JT Realmuto, is a Phillie for perhaps for perhaps the best stretch of his career playing baseball. Realmuto signed a $115.5 million dollar contract […]

Mets build for the upcoming season, how about the Phils?

The Mets made news today, Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco added to the Metsies for 2021. Ok, Lindor will make an impact, but will Carrasco? On paper, if he is still the Carlos Carrasco that the Phillies handed over to the Indians many years ago, maybe. Carrasco was 3-4 last year for the Indians. He’s going to be 34 years […]