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Depace Sports Museum in Collingswood to merge collection with The Sports Museum

There is a small sports museum in Collingswood, NJ that you probably haven’t heard of. That place is called the Depace Sports Museum, it was started by a local cardiologist, Nicholas L. Depace, who has a passion for collecting sports memorabilia to the tune of a $40M treasure trove of Philadelphia connected and other sports memorabilia. Depace has had a […]

New Phillies Talk Podcast: 2016 Phillies Down to last 10 games, 7 with the Mets

It’s time for another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, we’re talking about the end of the season already? Wow, that was another fast baseball season. The Phils are down to their last 10 games and 7 out of those 10 games are against the Mets. I am on my good friend’s podcast called Mets Musings, the great Gary Mack. Gary […]

Listen in on welcoming the DNC Convention to Philly and baseball talk on the latest BaseballPhd Show!

It’s time for the Philadelphia convention for the DNC, the Phils are out on the road, but we’re still talking baseball and a little bit of a tour guide for the folks at the Philly Convention to get out and see the town with on this edition which I am a guest on, it’s called BaseballPodcast Phd – give it […]