Jimmy Rollins

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Rollins caught in crosshairs for reasons unknown

Jimmy Rollins has been a long time Phillies player, he was the NL MVP in 2007 but recently it’s been reported that he may be on the trading block for reasons that are unknown to him. Just a few days ago, Rollins sat the bench for 3 straight games, and the explanation from new skipper, Ryne Sandberg, was that he […]

Rollins bashing shouldn’t be focus of Ryno’s Wrath

Jimmy Rollins stellar career with the Phillies is secure but Sandberg wants more from Jimmy now One of the first couple things that Ryne Sandberg mentioned about the Phillies soon after taking over the team is about player’s responsibility and obligation to the team. Obviously players that have been with the Phillies for the last few seasons know all about […]