Domonic Brown

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Phillies shopping for pitching? Brown rumored to be shopped

Dom Brown warms up    / wikipedia The rumors are that the Phillies are still looking for a quality pitcher, and lately the hottest rumor is that possibly Domonic Brown is a name that is being circulated as someone that the Phillies would be willing to trade. Rumors are a dime a dozen, and certainly this one seems like a […]

Brown shines in Grapefruit League, can he continue it

photo: Wikipedia If I had a dollar for every time that I heard the name Domonic Brown and the word ‘top prospect’, I’d be well ahead of the game with a few thousand dollars in my pocket. We’ve been hearing the name Domonic Brown for some time now in the Philadelphia Phillies circles. He has had all of the tools, […]

Dom Brown: “Play me and if I don’t do well, trade me”

Dom Brown killed the baseball. #phillies — Philly Tailgater (@Mike_Dundon) February 27, 2013 Dom Brown said to the Phillies this Spring training words to the effect of, “Play me and see what I can do, or trade me.” I think the Phillies will keep him around to see what he can do. That being said, he’s hit 2 HR’s […]