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It’s Cody Asche Wiffle Ball and Bat Day at CBP, but there is no Cody Asche

View image | Cody Asche would probably have loved to play this game today in Philly The Phillies seem to have a knack for making up promotions with players, then when it’s time for the promotion, the player is no longer on the team with the big club. Today’s special giveaway for youngsters 14 and under is a Cody […]

Asche isn’t ready to be an understudy just yet

The Phillies brought Maikel Franco up this year to see how he looks at third base, and he hasn’t looked all that bad. Where does that leave Cody Asche though? As far as he knew, this was his spot on the Phillies and now suddenly there looks to be some dissension among the Phillies management on who will play third […]