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Thawing out.. is back!

Well, that wasn’t a long break from writing this Phillies blog.. FightinPhillies is back! I had planned to keep the blog in mothballs for a long time, the practice is called blog fading.. but my passion for the game and the Phils have overridden my need to again bring some writing back to my loyal readers! And thanks for staying […]

Wheels of change starting to spin for Phillies

Your browser does not support iframes. Chase Utley with the 2014 mantra that ‘the Phillies can contend’ – hmm. sounds more like a PR announcement with last year’s showing After staying somewhat the same for the last several years, you can suddenly see some big changes within the Phillies team and organization in the broadcast booth. It all started with […]

Phils win the “Battle of Freddy’s”

The Phillies were 1 strike away from winning the game last night in the top of the 9th inning, Jonathan Papelbon was battling with Braves’ Andrelton Simmons and Simmons yanked a ball over the left field wall for a home run to tie the game up 5-5. In a game where too many players were named “Freddy”, the Phillies ended […]