Remember when? a few days ago a Phillies anniversary, it was MLB Network’s Dan Plesac wrapping up his career in Philly

MLB Network’s Dan Plesac recently celebrated a milestone with the 20th anniversary of his wrapping up a career in the MLB as a pitcher. Dan made his last appearance on the mound in Philadelphia on September 28, 2003, before 58,544 fans at Veteran’s Stadium, which also was the final game at Veterans Stadium.

Check out the video above, In the clip, Plesac said, “I remember walking off the mound and my daughters were sitting in the first row, and there were three people that knew that I was retiring. Larry Bowa, Jim Thome, and Gary Varsho. And I when I walked off the mound it was like 18 years went so fast. …I was an emotional mess right there because I knew that the journey was over.

Another great moment in Phillies history!

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