The Phillies at the All-Star Break for 2023

Wow! This got here fast. The 93rd All-Star Game is about to be played on Tuesday night in Seattle for 2023, I can’t believe that this baseball season is flying by as fast as it is. But believe it, this season is more than half over, and when the teams return to the field, this will become a sprint to the finish almost. Yes, there is plenty more baseball to be played but every game now till the end of the season will take on an added importance to a team like the Phillies, who hope to return to the playoffs again this year.

It’s been all Braves so far in the NL East, they have a commanding 8.5 game lead on the surprising Miami Marlins (I talked with Louis Schiff from Miami on the Phillies Talk Podcast about the series leading up to the All-Star Break between the Phils and the Marlins, and maybe what we can expect in the time after the break for the team) and a whole 12 games ahead of the Phillies. So each team has their work cut out for them when it comes to catching the Braves.

So it’s the All-Star game at Seattle, a little history of the game, the first AS Game was played in 1933, it was in Chicago for the Centennial celebration of that city. For Seattle, it will be the third time that the city has hosted the event. First held in 1979, 2001, and then this year. Tuesday night’s game will highlight T-Mobile Park.

The next time that the Phillies will host the All-Star Game will be in 2026 in conjunction with the 250th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the city. So that will be a monumental time for the city and the Phillies.

For this year though it will be Nick Castellanos taking the spotlight along with recently named All-Star Craig Kimbrel for the Phillies. It will be Nick’s 2nd appearance at an All-Star Game and Kimbrel’s 9th tr to the big game.

So how happy are you with the Phillies leading up to the All-Star Break? I guess it could be worse, the Phils are now 7 games over .500 at 48-41. Last year, they were 49-43 so it has been very close to what we saw last year. Can they still make the playoffs this year? We’ll see, plenty left to play.

Which Phillies players will carry the team now? in the last few months of the season?

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