Phils wrap up home games for the regular season today

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It’s the end of the road for the regular season at home for the Phillies today. Hard to believe how fast the baseball schedule has zipped by. Today is Game # 152 on the long MLB schedule, it’s the 81st and final regular season home game of the year. The Phillies home record stands at 47-33.

I had the pleasure of going to Opening Day this year for the Phils with my podcast co-host and @PhilliesBell on Twitter maven, Matt Veasey, and attended many other games during the season as well this year. It was a breath of fresh air for me, literally, as during the worst of the Covid times, you either couldn’t go to the stadium to watch a ballgame or didn’t want to risk it when fans were initially back at the ballpark after that. Plus added to this, it was, believe it or not, my first trip ever to see a Phillies fireworks display at the stadium around the July 4th holiday. It was magical, and an event that I think I will be returning to for the rest of my baseball-watching days!

2022 was also a very nice season for watching several ballgames at Citizens Bank Park with a special someone this season that is a staunch baseball fan and passionate fan of the Phils and has been for years. One day, I’ll have her on the podcast, to give a perspective of the female Phillies fan, of course, there are plenty of, that love going to watch their team. So stay tuned for that on my Phillies Talk Podcast.

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Alright on to today’s finale with the Braves at CBP. Last night, the Phils got soundly beaten by a 6-3 score. Bailey Falter was on the mound for the Phillies. Now nothing against Bailey Falter, cause he is doing the best that he can. But, he is a reliever primarily, and the Phillies sort of thrust him into a role of starter when they needed a spot start or two earlier in the season and he did well in doing that. Why then would they continually put him out as a starter though when he just wasn’t doing that great? Falter has had some good run support in games that he’s pitched, 4 times the Phillies scored 4 runs for him in a game, and 1 time each they scored, 6, 7, and 8 runs. In fact, the Phillies run support has been an average of 5.49 runs per game with Falter over the season. Aaron Nola has had average run support of 4.65 runs per game this season. Falter though had reeled off 5 wins in a row though during his hot streak from his start on August 12th and every start after that through September 13th, hence his continuation in the rotation and him reaching his 14th start of the season last night. So we should tip our cap to him for that, and the fact that the Phils chose to sit Noah Syndergaard and go with Falter as the ‘hot’ starter, though he did give up 6 ER last night against the Braves, he only gave up 1 ER against the same team in his start in Atlanta on September 18th in 4.2 IP. Look at this fact, Falter came into last night’s game from 7/29/22, he was 5-0 with a 2.45 ERA and since that date has had the lowest ERA of all Phillies starters.

Bailey’s 2022 Game Log so far:

2022 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR
1233Apr 10PHIOAKL,1-45-7L(0-1)99
2246Apr 13PHINYML,6-98-GF2
3259Apr 16PHI@MIAW,10-38-GF2
42617Apr 25PHICOLW,8-29-GF8
MayMayMayMay Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR
52731May 11PHI@SEAW,4-2GS-515
62846May 27PHI@NYML,6-8GS-3L(0-2)15
JunJunJunJun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR
72966Jun 17(2)PHI@WSNW,8-7GS-520
JulJulJulJul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR
83078Jul 1PHISTLW,5-3GS-413
93183Jul 7PHIWSNW,5-3GS-45
103295Jul 24PHICHCL,3-4GS-5L(0-3)16
1133100Jul 29PHI@PITW,4-2GS-64
AugAugAugAug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR
1234120Aug 20(2)PHINYMW,4-1GS-6W(1-3)21
1335126Aug 26PHIPITW,7-4GS-6W(2-3)5
1436131Aug 31PHI@ARIW,18-2GS-7W(3-3)4
SeptSeptSeptSept Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR
1537136Sep 7PHIMIAW,4-3GS-6W(4-3)6
1638141Sep 13PHI@MIAW,2-1GS-6W(5-3)5
1739146Sep 18PHI@ATLL,2-5GS-54
1840151Sep 24PHIATLL,3-6GS-4L(5-4)5
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Generated 9/25/2022.

Let’s take a look at some offensive stats so far by the Phils:

Team Batting
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H HR RBI BA
1CJ.T. Realmuto31130471731302181.276
21BRhys Hoskins29146549781372976.250
32BJean Segura328831940891030.279
4SSBryson Stott*241173955390944.228
53BAlec Bohm25141545771581268.290
6LFKyle Schwarber*29145545901154085.211
7CFMatt Vierling251083013975529.249
8RFNick Castellanos (10-day IL)30128499531321361.265
9DHBryce Harper*298933361961860.288
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H HR RBI BA
10SSDidi Gregorius*32632141745119.210
11CFOdubel Herrera*30621852344521.238
12SSJohan Camargo# (40-man)2852152836315.237
13DHDarick Hall* (40-man)26371291934916.264
14CGarrett Stubbs*2942951927516.284
15CFBrandon Marsh*2431961127213.281
16UTNick Maton*2529611216517.262
17UTYairo Munoz27285771237.211
18IFEdmundo Sosa (10-day IL)262554917213.315
19CFMickey Moniak*2418464602.130
20CFRoman Quinn#2923378603.162
21RFDalton Guthrie269162715.438
22CFBradley Zimmer*299164400.250
23CFSimon Muzziotti* (60-day IL)23970100.143
24DHDonny Sands26330000.000
25CFOscar Mercado27110000.000
262BScott Kingery28100000
Team Totals28.315151277071304193681.254
Rank in 15 NL teams65644
Non-Pitcher Totals28.315151267071304193681.254
Pitcher Totals6.915110000.000
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H HR RBI BA
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I was listening to some talk on the local sports station for Philadelphia WIP about Bryce Harper and what has been happening with him since his return to the team after his injury. We haven’t heard his name mentioned too much in the way of solid contributions to the team, post-injury. Bryce has been getting back slowly to this Phillies offense, he had the night off last night but contributed 2 RBI in the 6-3 loss last night and 1 RBI in the Phils 9-1 win on Friday night vs the Braves. He remains an offensive threat for the Phils and a solid performer. It will be fun to see what he does during the playoffs.

A nice smile from J.T. – he’s the Phils WAR leader at 6.0 on the season so far

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What? The Phillies will make the playoffs? Baseball-Reference still has the team as an 83.2 percent chance of making the playoffs in 2022. The Phillies just have to keep winning, that is the key. They can’t let their foot off of the gas pedal now. As I write this, the Phils have a 1.5-game lead on the Brewers to be in the playoffs. It will be the first time since 2011 that the Phils will have made the playoffs. Yes, that is a long time away from a playoff berth, in fact, it’s the 2nd longest drought of a playoff appearance by a MLB team in baseball. That fact is very hard to believe, we’ve actually gone 11 seasons now without a playoff appearance, that is bad. On the bright side, we’ve seen an excellent season of hitting by Kyle Schwarber with 40 HR on the season so far, but J.T. Realmuto has been the solid performer of the team this year with his 6.0 WAR, he leads the Phils in that category. J.T. has 21 HR and 81 RBI on the year. Rhys Hoskins has impressed with his 3.0 WAR and 29 HR and 76 RBI so far.

Ok, back to the final game of the regular season. Just like Opening Day, which I love to go to, I love to go to the final game of the regular season as well. For many years, I had a Phillies Sunday plan and usually ended up attending many last games of the home schedule that way. One of the most memorable was of course 2007 when the Phillies caught the Mets at the wire and ended up winning the NL East on that day. It’s close to my favorite all-time Phillies games that I’ve ever been to. There was electricity in the air from the fanbase that day, that I’ll never forget. The hair on my arms stood up as the rabid fans cheered on this team from the first inning on that day, and exploded when the Phils won first place that day, it was a memorable celebration that will never fade away.

But today, it’s 2022, and at the end of this home regular game season, the Phils as I said need to keep grinding out wins if they expect to make the playoffs. Hopefully, we’ll see an extraordinary effort from them today in striving or pushing to get into the playoffs. Once in, you never know what can happen. The comparisons in records during the season between this team and the 2008 World Series championship team have been fun to look at, can this team end up being a champion?

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