Phils keep winning vs Nats

The rains came yesterday for sure, it was much needed for the area and it caused an epic delay in finishing the game between the Phillies and the Nationals yesterday. In fact, it was the longest rain delay that the Phillies have ever endured. You see, I keep telling you that you never know what you’ll see at a Major League ballgame, and if you were there yesterday, you were part of history. A 3-hour and 36-minute rain delay was the longest ever single rain delay for a Phillies home game yesterday. I was across the street at an Eagles event at the Linc, and when I left there, the rain delay was still in full beast mode, so I did not make it over to see any of the game but 23,802 fans apparently did. It looked as if it would be a washout, but the teams waited for the rain to end and the Phillies ended up with a win in the process, taking the game by a 7-5 victory by the time it was all over.

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The Phils have done what they needed to against the Nationals and that is a win. It wasn’t pretty or convincing at times, but they did win. The Phils swept the series with the Nats, 5-3, 8-5, and then 7-5 yesterday. The wins keep them in the Wild Card conversation, they are holding on with less than a month to go on the regular season schedule. The Phils do play the Braves though a whole 7 times between now and the end of the season though, so the toughest part of the schedule could in fact remain for them with facing the Braves. They also may be facing the very team that they will face in the playoffs with their opponent of those 7 games.

I think the Phils would rather play the Braves than the Mets, cause the Mets have owned the Phillies so far this year in the regular season. The Phils are 6-6 with the Braves so far, and the Mets hold a 14-5 series for 2022 against the Phillies.

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Alec Bohm has quietly been pacing this team with well-placed hits and on Saturday night, we saw Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber hit a HR in a single game which was awesome. Jean Segura has been a hero, as well as J.T. Realmuto, who earned the praise of Phillies manager Rob Thomson the other day. So it’s been interesting this season, to say the least. Is this a dominating team like the LA Dodgers or NY Mets seem to be? Not really, it’s more of a team that can get extremely hot at times, but cool off just as fast.

Let’s see how this team does on the road now, with 3-games down in Miami and then 3 in Atlanta before they return back to Citizens Bank Park on September 20 vs. the Toronto Blue Jays.

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