Phils lose series at home vs Mets – playoff push continues

To say this weekend’s set of games at Citizens Bank Park was disappointing would be an understatement. The Phillies were facing the Mets on back-to-back weekends and wrapped up their matchups for the whole 2022 season. Thankfully, the end of this series for this year between the two teams came for the Phillies, because the Phils had a terrible time with their NL East rivals this year ending the season series at 5-14.

Maybe Alec Bohm ‘likes’ this place now? Hitting 2 HR on the day and driving in 6 runs

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Well, all is not lost though as the main Phillies focus is making the playoffs. The Phils haven’t been in the playoffs since 2012, and that fact is one that I find incredible. This team has the 2nd longest drought at 10 years in not appearing in the playoffs of all MLB teams, the only worst team is the Seattle Mariners have a full 20 years of no playoffs.

Realmuto drops the ball yesterday, allowing the 2nd run of the inning for the Mets

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The Phillies lost 3 out of 4 games to the Mets this weekend at Citizens Bank Park. The game was nationally televised on Fox on Saturday so it gave the tv broadcast team off for that night. On Sunday, John Kruk asked Tom McCarthy what he did on his off day. McCarthy shared a moment of his day with viewers saying that he spent time shoveling dog poop from his two dogs in his backyard. The two then launched into a spirited talk about that. One of the strangest conversations that I’ve ever heard on a baseball broadcast. But that was the kind of results the Phillies were turning in all weekend, where they had been playing pretty well in the past few weeks, this weekend was one for the dogs.

Alec Bohm has a career type of day. Two HR’s and 6 RBI and going 3-5 in the Sunday afternoon matchup with the Mets. Kyle Gibson even had a good day, pitching 4.1 innings, only giving up 2 H and 2 ER. It was the bullpen that completely came unglued later in the game. The pen gave up a total of 6 R and handed the Mets the series win, and cemented a bad season that the Phillies had against their cross-state rivals. The Mets just never let up and kept coming back in the game, seemingly against all odds.

Phillies manager, Rob Thomson, said that the bullpen had been ‘taxed’ all weekend, but he was proud of the team for the way they fought back all game. So he wasn’t too downtrodden with the way the series went, and if he was, he didn’t show it.

The Phils are 11-8 in August in one of the most important stretches for the team of the year to make the playoffs. The Phillies now move on with a 4-game series at home with the Reds, and then a 3-gamer in time for the weekend against the Pittsburgh Pirates also at home. With any luck, they will do much better in this stretch of 7-games.

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