Phils and Mets to tangle in New York this weekend

The Phillies are a completely different team since they last faced the New York Mets. I think this will present itself this weekend, as the Phillies and Mets will face off in New York at Citi Field this weekend. Right now, the Phils are 10.0 GB from the NY Mets in the standings. The Phils could make up some serious ground if they can do well both this weekend against the Amazins, and of course, the Mets are in town the following weekend at Philadelphia.

Phils to face Mets top two pitchers in Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom this weekend

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Six pivotal games with the Phils vs. Mets, at an ideal time of the season if the Phillies are serious about making a run for the playoffs. This writer is thinking that is the case. The Phillies have displayed a ‘beast mode’ to them in the last two weeks. Rallying, scoring, and doing what is necessary to win ball games.

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Keith Hernandez made the news in the past couple days saying that he doesn’t want to work broadcasting the games between the Phillies and the Mets. I wonder what the try motivation is from him here? How strange that a seasoned broadcaster would say this, even a former player for that matter. Are his memories of 2007 coming back to haunt him as a Mets fan?

Don’t get me wrong, the Mets have an excellent season going on, maybe one of the best years that they have ever had recently, and there is a tremendous amount of respect that I have going for them, but they can be beaten. The Mets stand at 73-39 at the time this article is being written. Teams have approximately 25-26 games remaining on the schedule, every game on the schedule is a crucial one from this point on for the Phillies to get into the playoffs.

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The Phils bats have lit on fire in the past two weeks, Darick Hall, Rhys Hoskins, and J.T. Realmuto have scorched the ball many times in the past couple of weeks. Did I mention Alec Bohm as well? Oh yeah, the Phillies I think have found the common denominator that makes a winning team all of a sudden.

The Phillies are riding a wave of 7 victories in a row, going for 8 today in an afternoon matchup with the Miami Marlins. And yes, we are looking for another sweep today at 1:05 PM at Citizens Bank Park. Hold onto your hats Mets fans, the revamped Phillies are heading to the Big Apple.

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