The Phillies at the All-Star Break 2022

Wow, that was a fast unofficial first half of the season with the Phillies making the point in the calendar of the All-Star Break. I say unofficial because the season is actually more than halfway over now and usually after the break, it’s like a sprint for certain teams like the Phillies that are still in contention for a wild-card playoff spot.

Schwarber has blasted his way into the All-Star Game and HR Derby, he leads the NL with 29 HRs

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The Phillies really turned in a great June with a 19-8 record, they have started July off at 9-6 so far. The team is 49-43 overall so far with 92 games in the books. If the Phillies hadn’t had the disastrous May with a record of 10-18, we may be talking about a team that is contending for first place in the NL East. Aaron Nola is leading this team in WAR at 3.9 so far, and next is Zack Wheeler at 2.9 WAR.

Aaron Nola leads the team in WAR, with 3.9 so far – he’s battled back for Phillies ACE on the pitching staff

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The Phils are 10-15 in 1-run games so far, if anything they should improve here. So far this year the Phils have been bad in interleague play at 7-8 on the season. The Mets have also almost owned the Phils so far this season, the Phils are 3-9 against the Amazins so far. A tweak here, and a tweak there, better bullpen and possibly this is a 59-win team at the All-Star break. But we aren’t at that win total and the Phillies are 6 games over .500 but 8.5 GB from the Mets.

So for now, it’s Kyle Schwarber at the All-Star Game, and the Home Run Derby for 2022. And of course Bryce Harper would have been at the All-Star Game if he was healthy, but that’s it for the Phillies. Some teams like the Braves, Yankees, Dodgers, and Blue Jays will have 6 players each going to the All-Star Game.

Hopefully, I will have a podcast out during the break – it’s been a long time since the last one! If anything, I have to improve after the All-Star break in doing more podcasts on the Phillies. Enjoy the All-Star Break though, and I look forward to the rest of the season.

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