Phillies players need to realize problems are their own

The Phillies, who looked so great on the road about two weeks ago in Seattle and then Los Angeles, have reverted back to the bumbling team that existed before we saw the greatness that they demonstrated. Last night, they lost the game again, when the closer, Corey Knebel, gave up a ninth-inning home run to the Giants, but then the Phils managed to tie up the game in the bottom of the 9th by a 3-3 score. Only to lose it when a home run was given up by Andrew Bellatti in the top of the 10th.

Bryce Harper has been consistent on offense, for the most part, this year, he says the team has to overcome the bad play that has been going on.

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After the game, in the press conferences, Corey Knebel was asked by the baseball writers how he was feeling ‘having a bad month of May’. His answer was, ‘I didn’t know I was having a bad month of May.’ You didn’t know? Of course, you are Cory, you blew 3 saves in May, it would have been the 4th after the game yesterday if the Phils didn’t come back to tie the game. In May, you’ve only pitched 11.2 innings and gave up 9 runs (7 ER) and 7 BB. What is your definition of a bad month?

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It’s denial to think anything else. What we’ve seen is sloppy play, errors, and some plays that just scratch your head over. Players aren’t owning up to what they need to own up to. The Phils haven’t been playing well. Is this Joe Girardi‘s fault? He seems to be blamed for all of this but is it, Girardi out there on the field. I know in the end he will be blamed for this. Is it his managing style to think that he can do anything about this? Not really, he should be calling out when the bad plays are being made and by who. That can go a long way to get a player to pick up his game.

Meanwhile, it’s the end of May and the Phillies are a whole 7-games under .500 now. No, the Phils should be better than this but a thought occurred to me that perhaps it’s the collection of players that are assembled for this team isn’t playing as a team, and maybe the wrong balance. This is something that I also heard on MLB Network Radio this morning when they were talking about the Phillies’ woes.

It’s going to be Joe Girardi‘s job to be picking out the bad plays by this team and attempting to correct it. He’s been around the game forever, but, he’s appearing in many social media posts, and local media stations saying that he should be the one to go. Can he start that today and tonight? If not, if this team continues in the mode that it’s going on now, he will be the one to pay for it.

And one more thing, can this collection of players start playing together as a team.

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