Here is the Dodgers, they could be looking for revenge

They are one of the best teams in baseball, the LA Dodgers. Their record is 25-12, they have had a day off to be rested up and ready for the Philadelphia Phillies, who just happened to take 3 of 4 games played between the two teams just last week.

Justin Turner has been a thorn in the side of Phillies fans for years now:

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The Phils did the unthinkable, getting 33 runs in 4 games vs the Dodgers at home in front of some big crowds in Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers have been on a tear since though, they have won 5 straight games since averting the sweep last Sunday in LA. Mookie Betts, who was barely noticed in the last series between the Phils and the Dodgers has woken up, as has Freddie Freeman, and Justin Turner.

If the Phillies can keep putting the runs up as they did in LA, they may win again against the Dodgers at CBP in South Philly. Things haven’t gone as well as they did on the road trip though offensively, the Phils have struggled to get runs on the board at home, and they prove that with an awful 10-10 record in front of the hometown crowd.

Kyle Gibson pitched well yesterday, but the Phils couldn’t score for him:

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Phillies batters like Kyle Schwarber have been very quiet of late, in 132 AB he has a .189 BA but has 9 HR and 21 RBI, it’s a bit of feast or famine with Schwarbs at this point. Alec Bohm is batting .300 but just 2 HR and 15 RBI on the season. Nick Castellanos has blended hitting and power with a .271 with 5 HR and 21 RBI so far, although in the last 7 games, Nick has a .167 BA with only 3 RBI in those games.

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The ‘fire Joe’ crowd has been a bit silent in the last few games, and winning ballgames will do that. Just 12 days ago, the city was abuzz with “Fire Joe” mantra on social media and on the local Philly sports radio waves. You would have thought he would not survive the month of May with all of the negativity surrounding Joe Girardi with the two Phillies collapses of 7-1 leads, one of which turned into a loss.

Eric Hosmer is a leader on the Padres this year:

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At stake yesterday was a streak of possibly winning 3 series in a row if they could have beat the San Diego Padres yesterday. They couldn’t do that with the loss by a 2-0 score during the afternoon matchup at CBP. Rhys Hoskins went 2-4 yesterday but the team was 0-4 with RISP.

In the media, it was a rare appearance, in fact, it was the first time, Scott Franzke took over duties on the TV broadcast. And Tom McCarthy‘s son took over duties on the radio broadcast. How did they do? Both did really well, it was a very nice job by both.

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