Phils bounce back in NY for a decisive win

It’s no secret that the NY Mets have had a great start to 2022. On Friday night, the Mets pulled off a rarity for them, only their 2nd no-hitter (though it was a combo) in club history. Phillies bats were silenced for all 9 innings, they couldn’t muster a hit.

How rare is the Mets no-hitter? It took the team 50 years for the team to get its first one, it was June 1, 2012, when Johan Santana pitched the solo no-hitter. Now, 10 years later, the Mets did it again. Santana learned of the combination no-hitter while in Spain and tweeted his congrats to the current Mets team. In fact, the Mets already had scheduled a special night to honor Santana’s special feat at Citi Field on May 31st.

The Phillies batters bounced back last night with a nice 4-1 win with a timely HR by Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins. Odubel Herrera added to the mix with 2 doubles on the night. The Phils got back to .500 on the year at 11-11 with the win. Oddly enough early on there have been some fans keeping track of the 1980 and 2008 World Series teams in comparison with the 2022 current team with various records they have held at certain times in the season, the 11-11 record also matches all three teams, no who knows?

The ESPN Sunday Night Baseball fanbase will be very familiar with the Phillies as they play the Mets tonight on the network, and then again the same matchup on May 29th. Let’s see if the Phils will be able to build on the win, they face Max Scherzer but he can be beaten. Bryce Harper is due for a better game, as is Nick Castellanos, so if these two can get going against the Mets, we’ll have a good chance to win.

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