Not sure what type of team the Phils are in 2022

Ok, the Phillies are home for 7 games, they won their last game but looked very much like they were still searching for the baseball team that they aspire to be. After a very awesome Opening Day, which I was lucky enough to watch in person, the Phils have ebbed into a basement dweller type of team that only within the last couple of games seesawed back and forth into and out of the basement, they are currently in last place in the NL East again.

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Joe Girardi was looking quite somber in Miami with the way the Phillies played against them, sports talk radio has said he should be fired, and he is signed through 2023, but losing games as a manager doesn’t really go over well with some, even though it’s the players on the field doing the losing.

We heard the early comparisons to the 2008 team, -‘ but this isn’t the 2008 team’ so I am not sure why the different writers on Twitter and elsewhere chose to throw that out there. This is the 2022 team, totally different than any other team that the Phillies have fielded. It may have been fun to throw those quotes out there, but they don’t amount to much other than possibly soothe the losing that we saw going on.

The Phils are currently 5-8 on the season, the first 13 games are in the books. That isn’t really what I expected from this team with all of the talent on it. And it’s just not all the fault of the offense, we’ve had a few rough starts from pitchers that we thought would be able to carry the Phillies, but so far they haven’t. Yes, it’s still early, but I would much rather be 8-5 and saying that then 5-8.

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The Milwaukee Brewers come into town tonight, they are 8-5 on the season, and one of the front runners in the NL Central, currently tied with the Cardinals for first place. We’ll see what the Phillies can do with this team. The offense needs to get hits and score runs, you can never rely on the long ball to win every game. The Brewers are one of those scrappy teams and will play that way, they only have scored 46 runs on the season so far, and the Phillies have scored 57.

Christian Yelich signed a deal a couple of years ago with the Brewers to bring him up with the likes of Bobby Bonilla with the Mets. The Mets have to pay Bobby B. a certain amount each year even though he hasn’t played on the Mets for years. Yelich reorganized his pay to do the same, he’ll be getting paid from the Brewers in an annual amount until 2042 under the terms that he agreed to with deferred money.

We’ll see if being home helps them, with the air temperature a bit warmer this weekend as well, but so far, it’s too early to see if this team if they will turn out to be a winner.

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