What is your favorite Phillies Christmas gift?

Oh yes, we’re at Christmas Eve again and another year has simply flown by. Looking at this from a baseball fan’s view, it’s also another baseball season that has slipped into the history books. With every year that goes by teams always change and the personnel on the field, you saw last year may never again wear the Phillies pinstripes on the field again. Did you get out to the stadium this year to see a favorite player that now is either not on the Phillies or retired from baseball or what have you?

The subject of Christmas gifts has been on the minds of many of people in our area over the past several weeks leading up to today. Do you have a certain baseball-centric gift for those that you care and love? Over the years, my family obviously has known about my love of the Phillies, and they’ve provided some nice Christmas gifts over the years. Mugs, plaques, license plate frames, photos, calendars, caps, jerseys, you name it, have all been on the Christmas list.

Think back over the years to the best Phillies Christmas gift you’ve received, was it something small and memorable or a big wall-sized poster or something? You can never go wrong with getting a baseball fan a nice gift of something that they really like.

Just yesterday, my co-host on Phillies Talk Podcast, Matt Veasey, reported a Christmas 2021 engagement announcement with one of the best Phillies pitchers of the last several years, Aaron Nola. Best of luck with your engagement to Aaron and his soon-to-be 2022 Mrs. !!

So you still have time to get that baseball lover in your life something that he or she will treasure for years to come. Keep baseball in Christmas! Have a fun and safe, healthy happy Christmas everyone!

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