Baseball locked out – on strike!

For baseball it probably couldn’t have happened at a worse time, just getting back to somewhat of a regular existence from a 2020 Covid shortened season, the game now finds itself in a work stoppage lockout that may not have an easy ending.

There will be fans who argue for the owners and fans that stand up for the players, but one sure thing is that baseball ends up losing on both sides as the simple fact remains, the players who have been in the league for a while earning millions of dollars and the average fan will fall back on that fact.

Crazy signings happened up to December 1st at the 12-midnight deadline, players who may have not deserved the multi-million dollar deals got done. Look at Texas, for example, they signed two of the top free agents for huge contracts.

As baseball found out during the Covid season of 2020. fans can and will be able to ‘stay away’ from the stadiums, and spend their entertainment dollar elsewhere. With the spiraling contracts that don’t seem to make sense except for the fact that for the top 10 percent of talent in the MLB, salaries are again out of control. I don’t hear either side saying this fact. Who pays for it all?

This is the first work stoppage since 1994 for baseball, but in 1994 the world was a much better place. Twitter with its millions of tweeters who make themselves known and now has a huge voice in public sentiment exists. Social ‘media’ in other aspects exists now are overwhelming voices to be reckoned with.

Over the next few days, we will begin hearing more about the breakdown between the two sides, it is a shame that baseball will suffer overall now that this has happened. Owners are betting that fans will turn the other cheek on this whole thing, but if they don’t, baseball could see itself start to crumble pretty fast if a deal isn’t done.

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