Phils start to stumble at the worst time

The Phillies can’t get out of their own way. They proved that again last night, losing to one of the worst teams in baseball. After giving the fans some sort of confidence about possibly making the playoffs, it seems like everything is going wrong for the Phils now. They lost last night to the Baltimore Orioles and now it seems like there isn’t as good a chance for them to make it.

Embed from Getty Images Cutch looks like he’s sittin at a funeral or something last night

It’s just this type of scenario where you can’t bank on the Phillies to win against a team on paper, they should win against. No excuses, this is the players who are doing this, losing at the worst time. The team scattered 4 hits last night and was very lackluster coming off of a Sunday Night Baseball loss to the NY Mets.

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No one knows why the Phillies crawl into a shell from time to time and no one can change it. It’s just part of this team, and it’s been dogging the team all year. The Phils need to finish this series with a solid effort, last night they just looked out of gas.

The Phils were the favorite in the game at -210 but soon into the start of the game, the odds changed as the Orioles threatened, and that was all they needed to do is score a pair of runs and that was good enough to beat the Phillies in front of a home town crowd of 21,440 last night in South Philadelphia.

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