Is Joe Girardi the right manager for the Phillies?

Over the weekend, I did a podcast that I co-host on called the Baseball Talk Radio Show podcast, we had an interesting segment on the Vegas Odds that I present mostly, and this week it was an email that I get from a sports betting executive out there on the odds of the next MLB manager to be fired.

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The New York Mets have the dubious distinction of having their manager, Luis Rojas, as the manager with the best odds to get fired first by the end of the season. Rojas has had many vocal critics and even fans at the stadium in NY exclaiming, “Fire Rojas.”

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I can think back to the former Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, who looked so bad in Philadelphia, and as my co-host on the podcast, Gary Mack, pointed out how good the current team he is managing now, the San Francisco Giants, are doing out in the NL West right now. Was Kapler the fault here, or was it management not making the adjustments in Philadelphia – very similar to the way it is now in Philly.

Curiously, in the email ranking of managers with the best odds to be fired, I saw Joe Girardi’s name tied for 5th with another MLB manager. Is the Phillies being managed correctly? It appears that they are, though some question Girardi’s use of pitchers at times. Other than that, it seems like the Phils seem to have the same problem that they have had for the past several years.

If teams win, the manager looks like a genius, if a team loses the opposite happens. I can’t see too many people faulting Joe Girardi for the Phillies’ woes, it’s more the team on the field that is responsible for that. Chemistry wins ball games more than anything, it seems the chemistry of the Phillies is a bit off at the moment in regards to winning. Yes, they are still within striking distance of the Braves, but every game they lose from here on in will seal their fate.

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