Phillies maintain 2G over .500 but this isn’t a playoff team

The Phillies linger where they were for a long part of this season, keeping their head above the .500 mark and now losing an integral part of what helped in the offense with the season-ending injury to Rhys Hoskins. The Phils mustered a victory yesterday at home over the Arizona Diamondbacks by a 7-4 score. A balanced attack of great pitching by Ranger Suarez and 3-RBI from Freddy Galvis helped propel the Phils to their 66th victory of the season.

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The Phillies now head out onto the road, it’s Washington first for 3 games, and then to Miami for 3 games, and finally next week for Mon-Tue-Wed, they are at Milwaukee to play the Brewers for 3 games. The rest of September, the Phillies are home except for odd 3-game road trips to New York (9-17 to 9-19), and then Atlanta (9-28 to 9-30) sandwiched into that schedule.

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I say the Phillies aren’t a playoff team for a couple of reasons, still, they can’t win consistently, and they don’t look like a team that is good enough to make the playoffs. Yes, different players have stepped up, Bryce Harper is always there to make a big hit, but a combination of semi-miracles must occur to have this team make the playoffs. I like the fact that Freddy Galvis has rejoined this team, he is a gritty ballplayer that has been very good over his career.

These two players are practically insane to go against their own fans

All Philadelphia fans want from a player is to hustle and play the game the right way. In New York right now with the Mets players who have gone on a method of giving a ‘thumbs down’ to fans when the Mets win, it’s really crazy to think that they should be doing things like that, and this would permanently land them on the ‘douche nozzle’ list in Philadelphia if they were on this team and doing that. As a player with Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez, you have to recognize that the fans will spot fakeness and poor play and let you know about it, wherever you play. To do this in New York, you just have to be plain crazy as a player.

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