Rolling on, Phils seem like first-place team

Alright, this is the winning streak that Phillies fans have been waiting for. A 7-game win streak have propelled the team into first, and it’s a role that looks comfortable with them. Winning this evening on Saturday, the Phils have not only won this series from the New York Mets, it indeed wrestled first place away at the same time placing them in first for the second day in a row.

Looking for the hero of today’s game, it was a guy who just 24 months ago, looked as if his baseball career may have been in jeopardy. After a holiday weekend trip on a 2019 Memorial Day Weekend to Atlantic City and have all charges dropped by July 3, 2019, Odubel Herrera was suddenly thrust into a sinister character that may have played his last game. Luck on his side, and being retained by the Phillies have transformed this once very maligned player as many fans and confidants had left him high and dry. Odubel went 2-4 with 3 RBI in this win, Brad Miller had 2 HR’s on the evening, he is a player on this team that isn’t too well known but has come through for this team as well.

We’ve seen some tough times by great Phillies players of the past, Brett Myers with a very public ‘disagreement’ with his wife which was domestic in nature was more easily dealt with back in the 1990’s that seemed to deal with issues better when it comes to this nature. Now, it seems like social media is the prosecutor and judge and jury, and they want to throw away the key without knowing all the facts, thank god for American justice still being in control.

Well, today Odubel was a star of the game on the offense, though, on the radio broadcast, the team picked someone else to be the star, Phillies reliever, Ian Kennedy. It takes a village to win games, and the Phillies’ own village looks like it’s improving with every outing lately. Brad Miller did the star of the game on the TV side.

Manny Trillo was enshrined on the Phillies ‘Wall of Fame’ on this WOF Weekend, and deceased Phils MVP pitcher, Roy Halladay, is scheduled for the retirement of his jersey #34 on Sunday, weather permitting.

The Phils roll into a Sunday matchup that may have to deal with Mother Nature tomorrow, as a lot of rain is forecasted into the area for much of the day. 37,057 watched baseball in Philadelphia on a late Saturday afternoon to evening. A lot of Mets fans made the trip down, if we remember, the Mets have done that a lot in the last couple of years, making their fan presence known at the Phillies home ballpark.

The win streak is at 7-games now, how long will it last?

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