Phils stay with Velasquez and Eflin

Although Zach Eflin has been very good in the last 7 days, 2-0 with a 1.50 ERA, nothing can hide the fact that he is 4-6 on the year with a 3.88 ERA. Six losses on the season is what it is. His ERA ranks 43rd in the National League. The same with Vince Velasquez, certain starts, he can look like a superstar. He got shelled by the Red Sox last night though only lasting 2.1 Innings, and giving up 8 ER on a very short night for him.

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The Phillies have had these two on the starting rotation for the past several years, Velasquez is now 3-4 with a 5.35 ERA on the season. Phillies fans from 10 years ago or more were spoiled with an excellent rotation that put the Phillies in a different class of team, the super star class if you will. Expecting things to just turn around for both pitchers now is something that probably isn’t going to happen.

Expecting the Phillies team to just ‘turn around’ and become a team that is a 10-game over .500 team or better is a pipe dream. What happens is more like reality though, the Phillies most likely returning a finish of what they have done for the past many years. You still have that AAA bullpen, which can’t be counted on at all as well.

Are these two pitchers a reflection on how the Phillies as an organization have been operating the past few years? I realize a whole rotation is rarely going to be very good, but in this case, we have seen that the Phils and what they are offering their fans have been content with mediocre or worse results for many years now.

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In the past 7 days for Velasquez, he is 0-2 with a 14.04 ERA in what seems like he has had his wheels fly off at the All-Star Break. How can the Phillies continue to stay with starting pitching like this?

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