Where were the Phillies when Harper got hit?

Ok, the superstar on the team takes an out of control pitch to the face in a tight game, 3-3 in St. Louis. The manager, Joe Girardi, is really ticked off. Then right behind hitting Harper, Didi Gregorius gets drilled. This is a major league pitcher we’re talking about, not some Little Leaguer. Where was the team after this happened? If there was any a time for a bench to clear it was last night for the Phillies.

Getting hit in the face could have been a career or life-threatening occurrence last night. It’s not like it happens all the time either. What the hell is wrong with Genesis Cabrera. And why didn’t this Phillies team react with a lot more anger? The umpire seemed to not know how to handle the situation. No, this jackass should have been thrown out of the game immediately. No matter if it was an accident or as it looked on the replay, on purpose.

There wasn’t even a rush by the Phillies medical staff on either occasion. That’s even more concerning. What’s going on with this team? If the umpire can’t seem to control a game from a seemingly out of control pitcher. It should be on the team to rush the mound of something. Anything… But no, this team perhaps is just too politically correct? I don’t know.

When your manager goes on a tirade in this day and age in baseball, it’s time for the team to be right behind him or recognize that they need to do something.

The Phillies ended up winning this game 5-3 last night to remain a .500 team, they need to have some real fire in them today. Don’t let a team and pitcher walk all over you, it’s the last game of the series this afternoon at 1:15 PM – back up your superstar Phillies!

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