Is Hoskins the next Domonic Brown?

Ok, this is getting a bit scary, when I look at Rhys Hoskins and the way he is playing baseball lately, I am finding myself thinking of a long line of Phillies players who came up through the minors, we’re destined to be great and then they fell into the ‘Bermuda triangle’ of baseball players. What has happened to the 25 HR a year guy we once knew? Look at the wedding party with the snapshot below, does this look like a happy bunch?

It’s Spring Training, I know, but let’s chalk up last year to a ‘Covid experience’ for Hoskins. Am I worried about this player? Quite simply the answer is yes. He’s just not the same guy anymore. I can’t really explain why, perhaps it is he got married and now the idea is to ‘settle down’. I don’t know what it is, I just know that since Hoskins tied to marital knot, he hasn’t been the same player.

Have we already seen the best of Hoskins?

Those of us fans that have been around a while recognize it. Maybe he is coasting, maybe he thinks he has it made? I don’t know what it is, but Hoskins isn’t the same. Maybe it’s his passion, his timing, I don’t know what but I do know he’s struggling to bat .150 right now, in what should be one of the easiest times he may be facing different pitchers, in Spring Training.

Those of us who watched the dramatic fall of Domonic Brown, know the signs. It’s like a pact the player made with the devil or something, they tear the cover off the ball for a couple seasons, and just lose it. Unexplainable. I sure hope this isn’t what we’re seeing with Rhys Hoskins.

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