blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Mets build for the upcoming season, how about the Phils?

The Mets made news today, Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco added to the Metsies for 2021. Ok, Lindor will make an impact, but will Carrasco? On paper, if he is still the Carlos Carrasco that the Phillies handed over to the Indians many years ago, maybe. Carrasco was 3-4 last year for the Indians. He’s going to be 34 years old already this upcoming season as well, so the combination of the two really isn’t what it may have been just a few years ago.

Maybe the Mets got a bill of goods in this one, like I mentioned a few years ago, if I were a Mets fan first, I would be ecstatic, but I don’t think you should start making World Series plans for this team just yet.

That being said, what have the Phillies been up to? Not much with roughly 6 weeks or less to report to Spring Training. That doesn’t mean that they won’t do anything, but time is ticking. If not JT, then what? I still think the Phils could end up with him, but what was his meaning to the Phillies last year? The team floundered big time with JT Realmuto, almost like the Angels did with Mike Trout. Who would you rather have?

Trout will be the ‘Mr. Padre’ of this era. Tony Gwynn was a great baseball player, but outside of San Diego, you may not have heard that much about him. He’s still a local guy but if he stays with the Angels he’s be that guy that you remember played greatly (enough already for a trip to the Hall of Fame) but winning a World Championship may not be on his resume.

The Phillies have been on a slide for years now. There is no easy way to say it besides that. Yes, we signed Bryce Harper, and he’s been somewhat entertaining. Worth $335M ? Time will continue to tell, at this time, that may be a no, but there’s always a chance that this will change.

We have a lot of ‘winter’ left, in the Philly and New York areas, we’re still quite far from Spring Training too, but it’s on the horizon. Will this Covid-19 battle ever end? Can we go watch baseball again? Will the sport stop changing so much as to lose ‘old time’ baseball fans which to them, all these rule changes don’t amount to real baseball? We’ll see as time goes on.

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