blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phillies season ends with a fizzle

What happened to the Phillies sizzle? That swagger that they showed in Spring Training I, in March when they looked like they would run the table in 2020. The Phillies unbelievably could have still had to chance to make the playoffs yesterday with a win in Tampa over the Rays. The Phils couldn’t get a win.

That’s been the problem all year long, they couldn’t score runs, and when the offense was working, the pitching wasn’t. We can’t sugar coat this, it was bad, really bad. Despite the shuffling of the deck in the bullpen, it didn’t seem to matter. Starting pitching would falter, or the bullpen itself was regularly blowing games.

The fans seem to say sign “JT” and of course you would rather have him on your team than not, but the Phillies didn’t even do that. But what is the answer to the Phillies woes? The Phillies already have a bloated payroll, nothing the GM and Team President, Andy MacPhail have done with this team is working. Where do you start with this team? I think the management group has had it’s chance to make something happen here in Philadelphia, and they haven’t done that.

Some top paid Phillies sound off about missing the playoffs

In a Covid-19 season where more than half the MLB teams make the playoffs, it’s really unthinkable that the Phillies wouldn’t have been there. This ‘team’ is a melding of personalities which never worked together to win on the ballfield. Where will the Phillies go from here? Pick your spot that need to be upgraded, but at what cost? You can’t have a Dodger payroll and then fall flat as the Phillies did this year. There is simply no excuses for them. If former manager Gabe Kapler was still here, this all would be blamed on him. I don’t hear too much noise blaming Joe Girardi for much this year, as I haven’t heard too much said about too many other Phillies players that have to bear the blame of this season either.

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