The Opening Day that will never be for March 26

It’s March 26th, in what should have been the happiest occasions for baseball fans across America. Turns out, no baseball will be played today, the unprecedented virus that has swept from China seemingly to the shores of everywhere has stopped not only baseball, but a normal life as we know it.

The World has been on quarantine for a while, the US started instituting different levels of ‘stay at home’ edicts starting at the end of last week for some, and slightly before and after that for many more. In reality, it’s been less than a week now that ‘normal business’ has taken place in workplaces across America, but it seems like a much longer time than that.

Mike Trout talks about Opening Day At Home – something that the MLB put together in this video below:

Opening Day was postponed one other time, in 1995 due to a work stoppage, many baseball fans turned against the game after players went on a strike and kept the game from the people. The strike happened in 1994 and carried over into the ’95 season a strike that lasted 234 days, an April 25th start to the season made it a 144-game schedule. What was going on back then? Well, Cal Ripken was still stalking Lou Gerig’s consecutive-games record, with this late start, if Ripken was to start in every game, he would break the record in September at home against the California Angels. The Gerig record stood for 56 years at 2,130. Ripken ended up breaking the record on September 6th of course and then some, going 2,632 before his career streak ended.

Everyone has an Opening Day story, some are being told in the media today, here’s a link to a special glove story in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Opening Day means so much to fans, it’s like a carnival atmosphere at ballparks, one that we’ll have to wait a little longer for. Here’s a blog post- Opening Day memories from Dan Day, a new reader of the FightinPhillies blog but longtime follower at the twitter feed: @fightinphillies All over the ‘virtual’ online world, there are events planned out even though baseball won’t be opening up the season today.

Rhys Hoskins will play an MLB video game today against an opponent from the Marlins, Miguel Rojas today at 4:10 PM EDT you can watch it right here! Here’s game from last year with the Phillies and the Cubs:

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