blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
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Unprecedented penalties reverberate around baseball in Astros ruling

This is an interesting time in baseball, a team that wins the World Series is called out publicly by the MLB for using technology to ‘cheat’ in stealing signs to alert players on the next pitch by teams.

In what was the ‘least kept secret’ in baseball, the Houston Astros somehow carried on a stupid plan of zeroing in on pitching signs and then relayed the news via trash can lid thumping in the dugout to warn players of what to expect in the next pitch.

Here’s a video that was done in November 2019 by Larry Brown Sports:

In the day and age of technology in baseball, a use of this very system was apparently put in place to give the Astros an edge. The rumors were some of the worst kept secrets in baseball, players all knew that something was going on that wasn’t legal. This was something that brought on by the use of technology especially in baseball.

The elaborate way in which it was set up was the key reason in the severe penalties that were handed out, and you can’t tell me that the owner didn’t know something was going on as well. There were rumors flying for a long time, inexplicable that the owner of the Astros could have avoided the loud comments by many that the Astros were cheating.

Is this something that the Astros even needed to do for their success? Probably not, but the same could be said for the steroids scandal, is the use of steroids completely responsible for a player’s success? Did a player need to take steroids to be ‘superhuman’ – do you remember the McGwire – Sosa battle for home run supremacy all those years ago?

Matt Antonelli former MLB baseball player comments on the Astros stealing signs back from November a little background from a player on sign stealing and baseball:

The fallout is continuing with Alex Cora parting ways with the Boston Red Sox, and what’s next? The players on the team? This could go on and on, especially because the players were the primary facilitators of the cheating. What is next in this scandal, which is quickly becoming a black eye for baseball in a major way.

Tune in to the next Phillies Talk Podcast for a whole lot more on this scandal as it continues to unfold.

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