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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Didi Gregorius signing may not be a great thing for the Phillies

The NY Market responds to the Didi signing, says Didi can do well at CBP

I hope this is one of the articles that you’ll look back on and say I was wrong. The Phillies picked up Didi Gregorious for a year to play for the team. His year in 2019 wasn’t good to say the least, he was a good part of the Yankees for a few years, but even they failed to offer him a qualifying offer to keep him. Why, you might wonder?

Tommy John surgery took Didi out near the end of the 2018 season, but his 2019 season was hardly a good rebound. Maybe he wasn’t ready to return from the surgery, he did make a quick recovery, but he didn’t perform on the par that was expected. The Yankees are usually good arbitrators of these things, why would the Phils want to take a chance on him? He was having a banner 2018 year for the Yankees until the surgery though, so that may be a reason the Phils are taking the chance.

Didi’s real name is Mariekson Julius Gregorious, his projections for the 2020 season is 24 HR and 80 RBI. He is also reunited with Joe Girardi, but I am wondering if the Phillies needed to make this move, could’ve they gone and put this money into pitching and picked up a pitcher named Cole for that kind of money.

When you consider that Cesar Hernandez had a much better season than Didi did last year, it kind of makes you wonder about this signing by the Phillies. Hernandez was the Phillies 2nd baseman for several years, he had the most AB’s last year for the Phils and had a BA .279 that was better than Bryce Harper’s .260 and I feel was not appreciated as much as he should have been by the Phils.

Now, say Didi has a great year for the Phillies? He’s a free agent and will probably be looking for a big contract. Will the Phillies even be able to sign him then? These are the questions that surround this signing, is it in the best interest of this Phillies team? Time will tell as we are at nearly 105 days until Opening Day.

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