blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils inch closer with Mets to WC

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Harper and Hoskins hit it High Five style with the win last night

At least it’s not boring that the Phillies still don’t have a chance to win a wildcard spot. The Phils won last night in Atlanta, and the teams that they are chasing lost. The Cubs, Nationals, and the Brewers lost last night. Zack Eflin was able to keep the Braves in check last night, and the Phils had some timely hitting to win the game 4-1 down in Hotlanta. The team was 0-6 with RISP but still managed to win this ballgame with the long ball. Sacrifices are sorely needed for a team like this, it’s the way a team with problems scoring can score some runs by moving runners, I don’t understand anyone who isn’t in favor of sacrifices, it should be part of the Phillies game.

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Say what you will about Eflin but he still has a 12 loss season going

Two HR’s propelled the Phillies, one by Harper and the other by Hernandez. The Phils did have 3 errors on the night, but it wouldn’t matter.

Eflin improved to 9-12, a lot of talk afterwards about how he would be a good 5th starter next year, I must remind those folks that he did have 12 losses this year, that is a big number. I am not so sure that he’s a great guy to have on the rotation, but as I said before mediocre to poor pitchers with similar win/loss records make 8-9 million a year in this league if you can last. This year Zack made 590,000 but this is the last year of those low salaries for him.

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Harper hits HR number 32 on the year last night

What can you say, we know this team is quirky and unpredictable, and that remains to be true. 27,937 watched baseball at the stadium in Atlanta last night, the broadcast crew noted how quiet the crowd was as well. Are Braves fans saving up for the playoffs?

The Phils wrap up with the Braves today with an early 12:10 PM game in Atlanta to end the season series and this current one. Aaron Nola is pitching today, what will we see from him? He’s been a question mark the last few starts for this team, but brings his 12-5 record to the game.

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