blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils bounce back from loss but chances for playoffs at 3.2 percent delays inevitable

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Larry Bowa and a few other Phillies were in Atlantic City on Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Celebrate America Parade on the boardwalk in AC

In the next couple of days, the Phillies will be eliminated from the playoff chase. I so hope that last sentence could be so wrong if looked at a week from now, but I think it’s a solid statement. The Phils did win last night in New York, but they are hardly in a legitimate playoff run this year,

The team did burst onto the season with a lot of lofty dreams, as most ballclubs hope to do as they leave Spring Training. The Phils were actually winning games too, early in the season. But things took a nasty turn around the time that Andrew McCutchen got injured and Odubel Herrera got into trouble with the police charges in the incident that involved his girlfriend. They had since patched it up, but the damage was done in his case being suspended from baseball and effectively on the shelf with his Phillies career in jeopardy to continue.

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JT Realmuto is the real brightspot on this Phillies team – he leads the team with a 4.3 WAR

Those incidents started to bring about change to this team, last night, there were players on the field that shouldn’t be on this Phillies team. Brad Miller was booting balls at third base (he accumulated 2 E in about 12 minutes), and his replacement we know as the guy who didn’t endear himself to Phillies fans after he made some innocent comments after a game about the booing he was getting from the crowd, which in turn made them boo him more.

How does a team like the Phillies get into these type of situations? It’s simple. It’s all about management of the team, the upper office of the Phillies, they are responsible for putting players on the field. Yes, we did sign Bryce Harper during the off-season last year, that seemed to be a mission of owner John Middleton, but surrounding the superstar are a lot of other non-superstar or even players that aren’t’ that good.

Stick a fork in this team, they are done now that Bryce Harper has been injured for an unspecified period of time. Even if Harper were healthy this combination of players aren’t getting it done on the field. Night after night they are proving that.

Phillies fans aren’t voting though with their dollars yet at the ticket booths, they are still supporting this team in fairly large numbers. Sometimes ownership will really only take notice that there is a major problem when they see there is only 10 or 12 thousand fans in the seats, it used to be this way in the bad days of the Phillies when they played at Veterans Stadium. Then owners start to take notice. Until then, it’s a hotbed on social media and other avenues of discourse like writers and broadcasters. Maybe not enough for ownership to do anything drastic about it, I think this management group has run it’s course. MacPhail and Klentak (Phillies team president and the GM) have worn out their welcome here, and have done a semi poor job in putting together a winning team.

The New York series wraps up today at 1:10PM – it’s football season now, and it will be easy for a lot of fans to simply switch off the channel on the Phillies now, especially since the games they play that are all remaining will be somewhat useless as they will not make the playoffs. 

Vince Velasquez will get the start for the Phillies.

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