blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils and Boston tangle at Fenway later tonight

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Rafael Devers was the hero of the day for the Red Sox on Sunday at Fenway, hopefully the Red Sox will be cooled off for the series with the Phillies

The Boston Red Sox aren’t doing that bad this year, Gabe Kapler would agree that he would probably be proud of the way they’ve played, as he is the Phillies most of the time. It seems like the Red Sox though won’t be making the playoffs, they are 6.0 GB in a Wild Card race that is filled with teams that have better records than the Red Sox.

The Red Sox have a 67-59 record on the season, 8 games over .500 and have a +82 run differential, meaning that they’ve scored 82 more runs total than their opponents have in games this year. The Phillies on the other hand are 64-60, they are 2.0 GB from a crowded Wild Card field that has seen the Mets crawl back into the picture in a big way, and the Phils though have a -18 run deficit in the games that they have played, the have scored 592 runs to their opponents 610 total runs.

Milwaukee and the Phillies are the only 2 teams that have a negative run deficit but are in still contention for a Wild Card spot. The Brewers have even scored -32 runs fewer than their opponents but are still in contention, they are 2.5 GB in the WC race. There is still plenty of baseball to be played for the rest of the season.

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After being a bit on the quiet side, we saw Bryce Harper show that he still is an All Star caliber player in the last week

The Phillies lost a chance to keep some momentum going into this road trip by not beating the Padres in the series at Philadelphia. The offense couldn’t get anything going. That’s been a consistent theme, several players are in slumps. Rhys Hoskins just needs to try to make contact with the ball, all of his walks he’s accumulated aren’t a substitute for the strikeouts and the missed opportunities with runners on base.

In Boston, Chris Sale has elbow issues so we won’t be facing him in this series, he’s out for the rest of the season. The Red Sox have been talked about the lack of being able to do what the Phillies haven’t been able to do with much success this season, move runners and score them. They also have had pitching issues. Sound familiar? Even the Little Leaguers had something to say the other night about former Red Sox reliever Craig Kimbrel as seen below:

For the Phillies, it will be Aaron Nola starting for them, one pitcher (the only one) that the Phillies can sort of rely on to go out and give a pretty good start on the mound each time he starts a game. The Phils need more of this, they haven’t gotten it with Jake Arrieta, healthy or not, Arrieta hasn’t been consistent here. The need for another quality pitcher is screaming at management for the Phillies but nothing has been done about it.

Again, we don’t really know what to expect from this Phillies team tonight, they play really well at some times and really poorly others.

 Brian Cashman of the Yankees is held at gunpoint after being pulled over in his own Jeep, someone didn’t get the memo that Cashman’s stolen Jeep had been recovered days earlier… There was a separate report of a man with a gun during this time as well there in Connecticut. Not one of the GM’s better days.   

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