Harper takes the Phillies into “The Show”

We’re taking the stage along with Bryce Harper as Phillies fans, not only does Bryce have an impact in the Philly area, but with all of his product endorsements, it serves as a way to possibly add to the Phillies fan base by just Harper’s appearances with certain products.

Sony Playstation has officially released what the “MLB The Show” video game will look like when it is released by the end of the month just in time for the start of baseball.

What other products does Harper lend his name to in exchange for the big bucks? Under Armour has Bryce Harper under contract for the next several years, it was one of the biggest signings that was reported to be one of the highest paying endorsement contracts ever for a baseball player.

Harper also pitches for Gatorade and New Era among a few others.

Harper already was in the running for top paid baseball players, here’s an article with last year’s highest paid players in the game.

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