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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phillies sign Kingery but why?

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The Phillies Scott Kingery cashes in early on Phillies early Easter gift

The Phillies made a decision to sign Scott Kingery for a deal in advance of him playing a first MLB game. It’s these kind of moves that make you wonder who is actually in charge of the Phillies. On the outside, it sounds like a really nice move. The Phils offer a player who they have high hopes for a bundle of money, when they didn’t have to, and the player accepts because he would have had to wait several years to get this kind of money from the Phillies.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, plenty is wrong with that. It’s just not how a baseball team does business. It does more seem like a typical millennial type of knee jerk reaction to how to go about something though. Imagine if all deals went this way with players on any team that had some promise of being a really good player. Money would be flowing around like a river, all of this money going to players who really haven’t put the time in yet to deserve it.

On the outside, there is a ‘feel good’ type of mentality to this, and if you don’t really think about it too much, the Phillies may have hedged the future by signing Scott Kingery to a deal that is beneficial to them on a financial stand point. They have eliminated the need for Kingery to really dazzle us in order to receive this much money without the benefit of having a great season and seasons to back it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am on the side of the player most of the time, but the way the MLB goes about rewarding players after they have good years have been working fairly well. Look at Mike Trout for example, he’s just now starting to enjoy a return on the many years that he has had such a success in playing the game of baseball. The Angels offered Trout a $1M deal to have him play on the team for 2014, a deal that at the time eclipsed Ryan Howard’s 900K that was offered to him in 2007 (a number that matched Albert Pujols back in 2003). Trout was arguably the best player in baseball at the time, and still may be. Mike Trout had a little more than 2 years of service time in at the time of the signing. The Angels didn’t rush right out and just hand him the keys to a multi-million dollar contract because they thought it would be a good deal, they worked the way baseball is structured to work.

The details of the Kingery deal: (from

The Phillies and Kingery signed a six-year, $24 million contract Sunday that will carry him through the 2023 season and includes club options for ’24-’26 that could make the deal worth $65 million, a source told If Kingery becomes a superstar like the Phillies believe he will, it will be a marvelous, club-friendly deal.

We’ve heard that the Phillies may want to go after such big names in the free agent market soon. Trout will become free agent available in 2020 at this point. We’ve heard that the Phils may be interested in another player by the name of Bryce Harper, who has accomplished a lot as a player as well. What have the Phillies so far accomplished as a team though? They have been really bad in the last couple of years, and now we have another ‘rebirth’ of this team under new manager Gabe Kapler. Kapler was a single A manager in the Boston Red Sox system in 2007. A lot of years have elapsed since then and Kapler wasn’t in position or even promoted to manager another team since. The Phils hired him out of nowhere essentially to take over this ball team. I happen to like the rhetoric at times that we’ve heard from Kapler, and his ‘rah rah’ personality. Will that translate to wins on this ballclub though?

Strange announcements like this Kingery signing are testimony perhaps to a sign of the times, in a world that now has baseball changing with the whim of people who are trying to make it seem like baseball has a problem. Take the extra innings proposal that will take affect in the minor leagues this year, if the game goes to extra innings you put a runner on 2nd base to start off the extra innings portion of the game. Why? This stands as a ridiculous rule, and one that isn’t necessary (much like this advanced signing of Kingery by the Phils) and who is actually saying that an extra inning game needs to end sooner? The game hasn’t, and the players haven’t, and to my knowledge the fans haven’t either. It’s someone sitting up in the MLB office that feels he is solving an artificial problem. Baseball with all these rule changes risks upsetting the very fans that still are putting out a lot of money to watch the game.

Win, lose or draw we’ll have Scott Kingery as a well paid member of the Phillies, and he made the team travelling north to Atlanta for Opening Day too. A fact that would have been just fine with most Phillies fans. Yes, the Phillies loaded him up with 2 suitcases filled with cash.. to the tune of $12 million a suitcase (less taxes of course) and yet another millionaire baseball player is in the game.  

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