blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils and Boston continue home and home series in Philly

Benintendi gets a shower as getting the game winning hit last night in the Phils second extra innings loss in two days

The Phils vs. Boston series is a novel concept, two games in Boston and then the series shifts to Philadelphia for two games without the benefit of a day off. It would be a whole lot better if the Phillies were more competitive this season though.

The Phillies unfortunately lost in extra innings for the second game in a row against the Red Sox in Boston and are in the midst of another horrible losing streak. With last night’s loss in 12-innings, the Phillies have now lost 7 games in a row.

The team has played Boston very well for the most part, except for the outcome. The venue of historic Fenway now shifts to the more modern Citizens Bank Park tonight as this series continues. It’s almost like a playoffs type of rivalry between these two teams. The Red Sox needed extra innings in both games to be able to win and done so in walk-off fashion.

Kendrick is out at the plate last night at Fenway in the 8th inning

The Phillies meanwhile look like a team that is just sailing out to sea and has lost it’s main mast in a storm. Very little is going the way of the Phillies in 2017. Aaron Altherr has catapulted himself to be the main supplier of Phillies offense. He leads in BA, RBI, and HR on this team.

The pitching for this team has sunk to the depths of the MLB, team ERA for Phillies pitching is 4.97 which is last out of 30 teams. BAA is 29th, teams are averaging .277 against the Phils. Matt Klentak has stated he won’t make any changes to the coaching staff despite these numbers.

The Philadelphia baseball press has been wondering why the Phillies haven’t called some younger players up from the AAA team in Lehigh Valley who have been doing very well there. We’ll see if any additional pressure on management by the press has any effect, there has been very little done by them to improve this overall team so far.

Aaron Altherr smashed a long homerun over the Green Monster in Boston, check out the video here. Tom McCarthy must have Odubel on his mind, cause he says, ‘There goes Odubel’ right before Altherr mashes the ball.

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