blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Edubray Ramos throws the ball and the game away last night

Jay Bruce was up after Cespedes, and Cabrera, thanks very much Edubray Ramos

The Phillies bullpen lost the game last night for the team, as Edubay Ramos took it upon himself to open a can of worms up as he threw over the head of Mets batter, Asdrubal Cabrera last night in the 8th inning of the Phillies vs. Mets game.

Ramos apparently still had an issue with Cabrera from last season when Cabrera hit a walk-off homerun off of Ramos, (wow that is a long time to hold a grudge, who said ballplayers don’t hold a grudge) but this show of emotion by Ramos likely cost the Phillies the game last night.

The Phillies took Ramos out and Jay Bruce came up and showed a little emotion himself by hitting a long homerun into the 2nd deck of Citizens Bank Park in right field.

If Ramos had a score to settle he could have just drilled Cabrera and got it over with, not the crazy pitch that was 10 feet over his head. What did that prove? It just showed that Cabrera was still upset and it drew all the attention to him. Throw a couple inside pitches or something, no need to get so theatrical. The pitch was no where near Cabrera’s head, and MLB pitchers are so good, if he wanted to dust him, he could have.

If anything last night’s game gave the Mets fans a reason to suddenly like Jay Bruce, a player that has been very terrible for them since they signed him. It allowed Bruce to suddenly be of some value now with the win of the Phillies.

This Phillies team under Pete Mackanin is undisciplined still even after he appears to think that he has this kind of action under control. This play likely cost the Phillies the game, Mackanin went out to argue that Ramos apparently didn’t mean to throw at the head of Cabrera and got thrown out of the game himself. What was he arguing that he can’t help ‘stupid’ as in keeping his own players in check? Mackanin himself looked silly arguing a call that was plain to see by even Phillies fans, a pitcher intentionally went out of his way to try to hit a batter, but even this Ramos failed to do. 

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