blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phillies Opening Day 2017

The Phillies take on the team that in the 1970’s they use to call the Big Red Machine

Well, the baseball season is underway. In the odd style of the MLB, the start of the season was a game in Tampa between the Yankees and the Rays in the afternoon on a Sunday. Talk about a very uninteresting start to the season. These types of things, the MLB doesn’t do well.

 Our Philadelphia Phillies open up 2017 in Cincinnati for the 2nd straight year.  That is sort of an oddity in itself, but you have to start your season somewhere. The Reds were waiting on the Phillies last year, they swept our hometown heroes in 3 games straight to open up the season last year.

This is the 117th season of professional baseball, every year teams start off with high hopes of doing well. This is the case with the Phillies this year. There is a lot of hope for this team.

In many ways this is kind of an odd team this year. The team has been getting younger, but this offseason, we go out and get two somewhat older question marks to play right and left field. The team tried in vain to move Opening Day pitcher, Jeremy Hellickson. He couldn’t even find a better deal on the free agent market, so he signed back on with the team.

Let’s go back to last season for a moment, the Phillies finished up at 71-91 but if you look at the Pythagorian theory record it was 62-100. What this suggests is that the Phil had a lot of luck getting those 71 wins last year.

Can we use last year as a gauge for what awaits the team this year? Probably not, but the troubling thing about last year was how bad the offense was as a team. Forget individual accomplishments by certain players, all together they couldn’t play well as a team.

The other interesting thing about the Phillies is where they are in what has become a long rebuild. The Phils are very similar to the Reds in the sense they are rebuilding for what has appeared to be a very long time. We’ve been hearing that the team will go shopping for a big name free agent after this season.

There are showers in the forecast for Cincy today, we’ll see if these predicted scattered storms will impact the game which starts at 4 PM in the Delaware Valley.

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