blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

All the Phils have done is win since the All-Star Break

Franco gives this baseball a ride into the stands, and hits the Grand Slam (his first) that gave the Phillies another victory last night

Before the Phillies players went on their All-Star Break, manager Pete MacKanin offered some words of advice for the team. He said that after they come back, they can either be that losing team that they have been up to that point or they can leave that behind and come back and have fun and win some ballgames. The Phillies apparently have chosen to come back, and have some fun and surprise, they are doing nothing but winning ballgames.

The turn around is continuing with a nice win last night against the visiting first place LA Dodgers. Oh, they have a guy named Jimmy that plays shortstop for them as well.

Last night’s win was the 13th of the first 16 games back since the All-Star Break return for the team. It’s been an incredible time watching this team in those games, they’ve played entirely different, and seemed to pull together more as one single team rather than a bunch of individual players.

Here is a breakdown of all the games since the All-Star Break courtesy of

Rk Gm# Date Opp W/L
92 92 Friday, Jul 17 boxscore MIA W
93 93 Saturday, Jul 18 boxscore MIA W
94 94 Sunday, Jul 19 boxscore MIA W-wo
95 95 Monday, Jul 20 boxscore TBR W
96 96 Tuesday, Jul 21 boxscore TBR L
97 97 Wednesday, Jul 22 boxscore TBR W-wo
98 98 Friday, Jul 24 boxscore @ CHC W
99 99 Saturday, Jul 25 boxscore @ CHC W
100 100 Sunday, Jul 26 boxscore @ CHC W
Rk Gm# Date Opp W/L
101 101 Tuesday, Jul 28 boxscore @ TOR W
102 102 Wednesday, Jul 29 boxscore @ TOR L
103 103 Thursday, Jul 30 boxscore ATL W
104 104 Friday, Jul 31 boxscore ATL W
105 105 Saturday, Aug 1 boxscore ATL W
106 106 Sunday, Aug 2 boxscore ATL L
107 107 Tuesday, Aug 4 preview LAD 7:05pm
Rk Gm# Date Opp
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Generated 8/5/2015.

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