How bad do the Phillies want to trade Ryan Howard

Howard has a lot to smile about in 2015

Reports from this afternoon at say that the Phillies are willing to pay almost $50M of the remaining salary for Ryan Howard for someone to take him off of their hands.

This doesn’t even seem remotely possible, but stranger things have happened.

Let’s examine some reasons why this is probably a false report:

1.  Howard reported to camp looking lean and ready to play this year.

2.  If the Phillies were ready to swallow that much salary, they could have done this a long time ago, and this would be like a gift to a team that needs a slugger like Howard on the team.

3.  Howard isn’t the next Babe Ruth, but he’s got power and he hit almost 100 RBI last year in what was called an ‘off year’ for him.

4. The article quotes the source as, “Anthony Castrovince of Sports On Earth”. Enough said, who the hell is this?

Howard is still considered a blue chip stock. Yes, he’s had injuries but he’s still carries a pop in his bat. It really isn’t his fault that the Phillies and Ruben Amaro threw $125M at him a few years ago, is it?

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