Howard gets praised by Ryne after rough year

If you’re Ryan Howard, you probably don’t know what to make of things this year.

Ruben Amaro Jr., Phillies GM, says in the off-season that the team is probably better off without him and now Ryne Sandberg is flattering him with compliments.

All the while, Howard isn’t talking to the press all that much because he knows that all they want to ask him about his why his family sued him to get a chunk of money in the off-season.

Sandberg has said that he is impressed with the improved ‘quickness’ of the big guy.

Howard hasn’t been home brooding about the lawsuit or his apparent loss in stature with Amaro. Ryne and his wife have even released a book that is for children and you can buy it at your local independent book store, or right here from the Fightin Phillies blog:
Little Rhino #1: My New Team

Check out the tweet Howard sent out a couple of weeks ago talking about the book that should be in a series:

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