blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Jimmy in Dodger Blue, now he’s on the other team

A photo of Jimmy Rollins from last season on April 22nd 2014 at Dodger Stadium, you have to wonder if Rollins saw something he liked out in LA

Jimmy Rollins is glad that it happened, his acceptance of his move to LA know means that he’s officially on the ‘other’ team. Though we remember the great times, it’s now down to business and when the Phils play LA, of course our thoughts will be with James Calvin Rollins but he’s trying to earn a World Series ring for the ‘other’ team.
Blue is Jimmy’s favorite color, and that’s great. He seemed to like red a whole lot too, 
Rollins didn’t have to leave the Phils before this season, but I guess he saw better opportunities and he decided to get out of Philly when only a few short years ago, it was some players choices to come to Philly to play, of course as well, the Phillies were handing out mega salaries as well.
If Rollins ever makes the Hall of Fame, without a doubt, he’ll go in as a Phillie. For now though, he’s like the many players who have left the Phils so like Jayson Werth, Scott Rolen, and many others have experienced, the fans can have a happy memory that a player was on the Phils but an equally tough approach to them when it’s the other way around.
It will be interesting to see how Jimmy’s attitude for the game with new manager, Donnie Baseball, and how his attitude towards giving his all with every play reacts with the fans out there if the time comes where he may revert back to the days when some Philly fans called him “J Stroll”.

We’ll see what happens out there on the left coast with Jimmy, and wish him the best, but we absolutely will want to beat the Dodgers handily this season!

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