Revere finished with .306 but not much else

Howard finished with 95 RBI on the season, in contrast with just 28 all season from Revere

Ben Revere finished in the top 10 in Batting Average for the 2014 season and he was great in the outfield on defense. Is there much more a player can do for a team?

Well, Ben’s offense stopped at the BA stat, if it wasn’t for this nice top 10 finish, there would be much to say about his season.

In a stat measured called Isolated Power, Revere was not very good at .055 and rated the lowest of any top 10 batting average finisher – his 28 RBI was lowest total of any center fielder in the National League as was his HR production.

Revere’s total on the season of 22 extra base hits is also the lowest among all NL center fielders.

You gotta like the way Revere approaches the game, he has a great attitude and has fun out there, but the Phillies need more production and this is one area in which they lacked good offensive numbers.

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