blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Each new day brings something different for this Phillies team

Ryan Howard batted in 5 RBIs on the night last night, shades of the ‘old’ Ryan Howard emerged when he did that a lot just a few years ago

Every new day is bringing a different result for this Phillies team. They go out and get ‘no-hit’ then they come back and look like they could beat any team on the diamond. The team plays very poorly, then they come back the next day and score 10 runs on the board.

It’s the inconsistency that is making a lot of fans wonder, “What kind of team is this?”.

One thing is still for sure, the Phillies are in next to last place in the NL East, as the win last night gave the Phillies a lift out of the basement and allowed the NY Mets to occupy the cellar for the time being.

The Phillies are still only 5.0 GB in the NL East despite the up and down type of season they are having. They seemingly can find no common ground for winning yet, but have improved their home record to 10-14. If they could get a winning streak going, we could be talking a different tune about this team. The talk would be more like what would they be like in the playoffs.

That type of talk is very far away though, as the team chugs along with games they look bad in and then games they look great in.

Chase Utley is still in third place for besting BA in the NL with .337 but the team is 27th in the Major Leagues for runs scored and that is the difference between them doing really well and not so well. The team pitching has improved to 20th place in the Majors concerning team ERA at 4.07 so that was an improvement.

What will tonight bring for this Phillies team? We’ll find out as Cole Hamels goes for win 101 in his career at 7:05 PM for the Phillies.   

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