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Fleeing Phillies to leave much different team

Your browser does not support iframes. Ruben Amaro wants to be plain that now since he’s made plenty of errors with the make up of the team in the last few years, he’s rolling out the ‘see you later’ spiel to any other long time Phillie on the team Jimmy Rollins is now gone from the Phillies. He’s in the […]

Rollins going out to the sun and fun of LA?

Honored to call JRoll a teammate for the last few years. All time great player, amazing person and teacher. — Jake Diekman (@JakeDiekman) December 11, 2014 Well so much for a quiet off-season. Word is out that the Phillies have traded Jimmy Rollins, who has been a mainstay on this team for the last 15 seasons. Rollins has been […]

Holding the line on the Phils best players is admirable

#149908774 / Ruben Amaro Jr. has had the task of making the Phillies younger, he hasn’t been rushing this task since he’s been trying When you think of it, all Ruben Amaro has to do is move a few players that have been on the team a long time, and make a ton of money. It would probably be […]

Former Phillie Jayson Werth to trade uniform for prison garb

#456822158 / The Phillies ex-player Jayson Werth will have to swap out his Nationals uniform for some prison issue clothes soon, as he was guilty going 105 mph in Virginia with his 911 Porsche. That’s not a good idea in Virginia, as their laws don’t allow for just a fine and you’re on your way. In fact, Werth has […]

NL East Baseball Podcast Simulcast hosted by Miami Marlins ‘MarlinsFamilyPodcast’ tonight at 7 PM Eastern Live

A special simulcast of the Marlins Family Podcast tonight with FightinPhillies Podcast, Mets Musings, Atlanta Baseball Talk and more!  Tune in at 7PM Eastern time to hear the show and get a chance to call in and speak live on the show!

Everyone knows the Phillies need change as Winter Meetings start

The Phils World Series win is now but a distant memory, but there are still familiar names still on this team some 6 seasons later Ruben Amaro Jr. has kept longtime Phillies together for a chance a returning to the World Series well past the time he should have. As the years have gone by, the core group of Hamels, […]

Moyer leaves Phils broadcast booth; Games after Wheeler left booth suffered

Jamie Moyer won’t be in the booth for the Phillies broadcast games in 2015. That might be a good thing, as the broadcasts last year with the two new additions to the TV broadcast team were seriously lacking for about the first 3/4 of the season. Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs shared the duties after the longtime broadcasters Chris Wheeler […]

Happy Thanksgiving – from

It’s been another fast year, and the holidays are here again. Let’s give thanks this year to the things that we don’t necessarily see everyday. The poor, the sick and the underprivileged. We distract ourselves throughout the year with our hobbies, the love of baseball and other things. Let’s all try to do something nice for someone else this year. […]